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[photo source: Instagram@adventureyogi]                Wellness and clean living has foraged itself as an important addition to any typical millennial lifestyle. With the rise of Veganism and a striving society towards positive physical and mental health – could this see the end of the twenties-thirties boozy norm? We have all been there…… Continue reading THE NEW MILLENNIAL GETAWAY.

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Es Ballard Martini on deck. Perfectly adept for a romantic date. Strung above the city, night-gaze upon the saturated harbour of lights at Es Ballard terraced bar. By day, Es Ballard possesses a modest yet awe-inspiring gallery/exhibition well-hidden within the building. Full of raw, contemporary and thought-provoking pieces – reflecting upon controversial aspects and perspectives of modern-society.   Tren… Continue reading Jet-Set: MALLORCA.

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Bali possesses a gentle and calming virtue of life – a long contrast of what I am use to from the fast-paced reality of anxiety-induced Western city-life. The humble and up-beat locals I met throughout my journey in Bali is one of the most treasured memories of my travels. It is not until technology is foreign to a place,… Continue reading JET-SET: BALI.