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[photo source: Instagram@adventureyogi]               

Wellness and clean living has foraged itself as an important addition to any typical millennial lifestyle. With the rise of Veganism and a striving society towards positive physical and mental health – could this see the end of the twenties-thirties boozy norm? We have all been there… Perspiring from the Mediterranean heat with Sangrias to hand, pirouetting within tribes partying morning till dawn. Scuttling from bar to bar…a week flies by. The penultimate day regrettably arrives and upon touchdown on home-turf, arrives the hangover of doom. An extra week of recovery is required to regain normal civilised existence again. The latter being – a futile boozy holiday may not be as sought-after as it once was.

Inspiring the wave of clean living – supermodels are often posed on Instagram with their lean limbs intertwined into awkward positions while balancing in front of surreal breath-taking landscapes. It is no surprise that wellness getaways are gaining momentum within the younger generation – seeking to achieve certain skills or milestones upon their discoveries of new cultures. May it be, hiking Mount Batur in Bali to surfing sand-dunes along the Sahara Desert in Morrocco…or for those seeking to simply refresh their mind-set at a peaceful yoga retreat along the Amalfi coast. Ever wished how to master the art-making of (the nemesis of all cooks) soufflé? Well, why not do it in France. There is a wonderful authentication to learning a new skill within origin.

Best of all, the most cherished outcome is the vivid memories that hold a deeper appreciation of what you have accomplished within your experiences.



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