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Es Ballard

Martini on deck. Perfectly adept for a romantic date. Strung above the city, night-gaze upon the saturated harbour of lights at Es Ballard terraced bar.

By day, Es Ballard possesses a modest yet awe-inspiring gallery/exhibition well-hidden within the building. Full of raw, contemporary and thought-provoking pieces – reflecting upon controversial aspects and perspectives of modern-society.


Tren De Sóller

Slumped uncomfortably within the saturated mob on the wooden-carved train, I wasn’t sure what to envisage as the train ravelled towards the hill-tops. Forgivably, the picturesque scenery of the hillside views drew my attention away from the numbing sensation of my coccyx. The 2 hour journey towards the town of Sóller allows you to be physically en-wrapped around the beauty of the landscape of this tiny Spanish village. Direct from Palma Town to Sóller, this is a must-do when you have patience to spare. For more info click here.



Ask any resident and they will direct you to the long favourite on the island for an addictively cringe-worthy night-out to Titos.  Channelling 80’s flower-power? Fresh from Ibiza to Palma, a classic.




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