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Palma exceeded my expectations: attributing “ten-in-one” things to do all within an ocean-side town of endless exploration. With a thriving arts/culture, historic architecture, a fast-paced city-culture of midnight long shopping, cafés, bars and restaurants to the long coastlines of aqua-lined beaches, yachts and a dynamic night-life… all within ONE PLACE.

Es Ballard

With an outstanding terraced bar overlooking the harbour, Es Ballard is wonderful at night to night-gaze at the lit yachts within the saturated harbour or during the day for a refreshing and (very necessary) spritz within the high UV rays… It is my favourite spot to be!

Es Ballard also possesses a modest yet outstanding gallery & exhibition hidden within the building. Full of raw, contemporary and thought-provoking works from artists reflecting upon controversial aspects and perspectives of modern-society.


The daily meal-ritual consisted of Rosé, fresh Seafood Paella & Padron Peppers and I would quite happily carry on this diet forever… Never underestimate a good Paella!

Regards night-life, as all residents will agree – the long favourite is Titos However, if you’re channelling 80s flower-power, fresh from Ibiza to Palma… head to Pacha!

Palma Harbour.

Ride among the hills upon the Train to Sóller.

The wooden-carved train runs straight from Palma Town to the beautiful hillside town of Sóller with captivating views among the hills throughout the 2 hour train journey. For more info click here.





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