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Jet-Set: PARIS.


“If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast.”

– Ernest Hemmingway.

Moving to Paris at the mere age of 18, a sophisticated enchantment of a city became my home, during my studies abroad. Though the year I lived in Paris surged by within a flash, the nostalgic memories stay vivid within me and the aura of belonging  and a home-comfort remains within me each time I return to the city.


The creativity that blooms throughout Paris’ cultural and entertainment scene will never seize to amaze those lucky enough to witness what the city has to offer. After an evening indulging in carafes of wine in the cosy French bars along Grand Boulevard, we stumbled across a mysterious event of lights, fire…(fake fire) water hoses and topless men… Contrex (a French water bottle company) made use of my favourite marketing tactic of  Guerrilla Marketing – of the pop-up event, no one at the event knew what was happening. Before I could process what was occurring at the spectacle, we were thrown onto a stage to pedal water hoses up towards the topless male models (obviously, my main concern was to ‘put-out’ the flaring fire upon the building and not continue to aim towards the drenched topless male models…)  All for a good cause!

Watch the Contrex advert here.


Alongside long hours at uni, venturing around the city, convincing ourselves our French was good enough to be mistaken for a Parisian local at Monoprix (French equivalent of Sainsbury’s), scoffing pastries, pain au chocolat, macarons, gulping on vin rouge and water-hosing topless male models … There was always time for L’ARC (a favourite of Kendall, GiGi, RiRi, Leonardo and Kanye) I sense why…there’s just something that the place holds, the ambience is electrifying, a ‘rooftop-less’ club filled with a cigarette-smog of glamour and a calming aura where you can sit by your booth and admire the stars that light up the night-sky above you…a daydream…

Staying within the business & banking district – La Defense, the Parisian Canary Wharf of London – with the equivalent array of colossal towering buildings. Here at the iconic Grand Arche, the “Spectacle Espace/Light Show” took place composed by Art/Music producer Jean Michel Jarre. It was an amazing and breath-taking production of music, artwork and special-effect lighting reflected upon the Grande Arche, with a conclusion of fireworks.

If there’s one thing I learnt during my stay in Paris, the French never liked mediocracy… The reason why I love the city so much, it is filled with brimming creativity with no limits.


Paris is my inspirational muse and I know it will continue to entice and excite.


Paris … Je suis sous le charme.




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