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Bali possesses a gentle and calming virtue of life, a long contrast I was use to from the fast-paced reality of the city back in the UK. The humble and up-beat locals we met throughout our journey in Bali is one of the most treasured memories of my travels. Technology is foreign and the place strives upon a stripped-back way of life, that I was not use to (outwith the hotel and tourist spots), this I grew to appreciate during my travels – the insignificance of smartphones and technology when you have so much beauty surrounding you in nature awaiting to be discovered. It was this realisation that materialistic items were not a functional necessity, and I loved the escape of anxiety that is emitted from the technological world within modern society.

If there is one thing I take back with me back to the Western World, it is to descend the materialistic way of life we have become accustomed to within society and truly cherish the moments we are in and to be forever grateful.

Bali is truly unique, significantly due to its diversity of beauty within each location…


The party scene of Bali, Potato Head Beach Club is the go-to and must be eexperienced by all! Centred around the pool bar, the best ocean views of sunset and the biggest house DJs playing until late the next morning, it’s a buoyant atmosphere… The biggest house festival ULTRA was held here CHECK IT OUT.


Staying at the famous Conde Nast recommended resort  THE AYANA. There are many amazing features… A private Beach, variety of private restaurants (including the best seafood restaurant in Bali where the seafood is sourced fresh by the ocean sea), infinity pools by the ocean and the the world renowned Bali Rock Bar at your feet.


The change of scenery within Ubud is what is so magical about Bali. I felt like Peter Pan, transcended into a new fantasy world. Adios beaches and hello jungle forestry. Within our private beach hut, perfectly hung upon the hills, was situated our own infinity pool complimented by the view – one could mistake for a perfectly sculpted canvas painting.

MOUNT BATUR is at least a 2 hour climb; at 4am and half asleep, it was a bit of struggle but worth the exceptional view above the clouds.

Below shows the famous Tegallalang Rice Fields and the beautiful Holy Water Tirtha Empul Temple in Ubud.



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